Over the winter months, after the running training, we have returned inside to the school gym

We have done a variety of activities inside, with the aim of improving our orienteering technique. The sort of things we have done have included:

  • Creating a 'forest' in the gym using various items of equipment (crash mats, benches, ropes, vaulting horse etc) and then drawn a map of what we have built
  • Drawn a map of the gym with features on it, and then built the forest with the gym equipment (crash mats are lakes etc)
  • Building a hill out of crash mats and drawing a contour map of the hill (the edge of each level will be a contour line)
  • Building a maze out of benches and finding the fastest way around a course 
  • Looking at a score orienteering map to try and find the quickest way to visit all controls (just a game of join the dots really!)


Give me a map and I'm magic

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